Monday, April 11, 2016

Printmaking in the Sun

During the first months of 2016, I spent most of my studio time learning solarplate printmaking.

A technique created by Dan Welden in the late 1960s, it has been used by many artists around the world to create etchings using the sun to expose their images. Though there are quite a bit of different versions of this fabulous technique, the process basically consists of creating a piece of artwork on translucent film, overlaying it onto a light sensitive polymer plate, exposing the image under ultraviolet light, washing out the soluble areas left on the plate by softly scrubbing them out in water, and then finally printing the image. It may have just as many steps as traditional intaglio techniques but it does not have the toxic chemicals which must be managed when using acid washes.

I am pleased to include these four solarplate intaglio prints in the upcoming 36th Annual Mini Print International Exhibition in Cadaqués, Spain. Artists from 50 countries and all continents will be represented in this wonderful exhibition which showcases all forms of printmaking.


Solarplate Intaglio print, 2016.

“Heliacal I”, 2016.


"Repose II", 2016.

“Heliacal II”, 2016.


"Figura XII", 2016.

“Heliacal III”, 2016.


"Heliacal IV", 2016.

“Heliacal IV”, 2016.


Study guidebook for this wonderful art medium.

The perfect guidebook.




My studio press (a gift from artist Valerie Fussell).

My studio press (a gift from artist Valerie Fussell).